1. What kind of furniture do you provide?

Ans : We provide Unique kind of Handcrafted furniture for your Home and Garden made from high quality Wood. We also make customized furniture according to clients requirement.

2. Does your company accept single Unit/Piece furniture order ?

Ans : Yes our company accepts single Unit/Piece furniture order.
3. What if I want another style or something special developed, which is not shown on your website?

Ans : If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, tell us what you’d like and what your budget is. We can usually work out a great solution for you. We also have various other designs available which we can send you by email.
4. What are the shipping options? How long does it take?

Ans : There are 3 options of shipment : Port to Port Sea Shipment ,door to door Sea Shipment and Air Shipment.

Port to Port Sea shipping usually takes about 5 weeks and its Cheap. You need to appoint a customs broker to clear the goods at the seaport and bring it to your doorstep.
Door to Door Sea Shipment also takes around 5 weeks, but do cost more than port to port, but you dont need to hire any agent here, the goods are delivered at your Door Step.
Airfreight usually takes anywhere between 8 and 12 days and is costlier than sea shipment.

Many clients prefer the Door to Door shipment option because these guys take care of customs and all import formalities and bring your shipment to your doorstep for you. You don’t need to hire customs agent for this.
5. Are there any other costs involved ?

Ans : If you are not in India, you can expect your government to charge some import/customs duty on the Goods. This is usually quite an insignificant amount in most countries, averaging around 5-7% of the value. FedEx, UPS or any other courier company should be able to help you find out about this, particularly if you tell them they might be involved in bringing the goods to you.
6. Shopping through internet is not safe , so how will I know that you are a real company and you will provide the same product which you say ?

Ans : It is understandable that such questions arise in your mind, Are we a real company ? What kind of quality we would provide ? We can provide you the name and details of our satisfied clients so you can ask them about the quality we provide , also you can click on customer comments so see what out customers have to say about us.